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Songs to Sing with Children

Best Songs to Learn with Children

All kids love a good sing-along! From soothing lullabies to songs which help them learn, singing is one of the most favoured activities in any school or camp.

Studies have shown that regular singing encourages a child’s development, particularly when it comes to language skills and musical ability.

So, why not learn some new songs to sing next time you are all in the car?

99 Bottles is an old classic, almost everyone will know the lyrics to this! Great for kids who are learning numbers due to the repetition of the song. Maybe start at smaller numbers for children who are just starting to learn, 99 is quite a big one! 

Don’t Worry Be Happy – this uplifting Bob Marley hit will have everyone is a great mood in no time at all! Even better if you have someone who can play it on the guitar or ukulele.

B-I-N-G-O – can you believe that this song is actually over 230 years old?! Try changing Bingo for other 5-letter names for a great way to teach spelling techniques.

Do Your Ears Hang Low – grown-ups and children alike love this song, it’s not only super easy to remember but it’s also great for putting hilarious actions to! This Peek-A-Boo Peggy Elephant plays the melody for this song to get your little one ready for song time.

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